Spectrum Noir Colored Pencil Review

Spectrum Noir Colored Pencil

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Vibrancy    ★★★★☆
Variety of colors    ★★★★☆
Price     ★★☆☆☆
Softness of lead ★★★★☆
Durability ★★★☆☆

These are an oil and wax hybrid and would be the principal blendable colored pencil lineup offered by Spectrum Noir Colored Pencil.

Overall they have an adequate mixture of mixability and use while still being durable enough for use on a normal basis and sharpened. It’s somewhat frustrating that so as to acquire the full-color offering you need to buy 5 distinct tins instead of getting the whole group readily available in one group, nonetheless.

Visible Attraction

Spectrum Noir promotes these as being highly blendable and for the most part, they do an adequate job. The colors are relatively vibrant, even though there may be some inconsistencies between these.

As stated, it’s also frustrating that several of the colors you may need will require buying among those additional 4 available collections.

However, the color could be put down pretty thick if desirable that’s quite great.

Usability and Stability

The hybrid wax and oil mixture results in a simpler time keeping a fantastic point in addition to being less troublesome to sharpen.

Moreover, there’s relatively little wax blossom compared to traditional wax cores. Sad to say, the feel of a program varies tremendously across the assorted colors, with a few embossing that creamy feel of lots of the premium wax-based lines whereas other colors has a lot harsher and rough texture to them. Blending, which will be from the title itself, is adequate but nothing great.

Packaging and Display

These pens come in an attractive tin. Hopefully, you like the tin appearance because to be able to buy each the colors you will need to have five of those tins lying about!

The pens themselves are around and have the color of the pen itself colored on the outside, even though there’s not any labeling on the pen that informs the user exactly what color it is.


These pens can be found in the mid-priced selection, which places them directly in the intermediate market. To get some 24 this is not too bad.

For the performance of those pens, this remains a fair price on a set by setup.

Spectrum Noir Colored Pencil Overall Ranking

These pens do nothing inherently bad but nothing really jumps off the desk. Performance is nice and the mixing capacity is there, albeit there’ll be some variance from 1 pen to another.

Based on which sort of “feel” your images normally have will influence that which group(s) you start looking into. While we could see exactly what they have been going for this it would have been fine to have a choice simply to buy each the colors simultaneously.

An acceptable option for the cost range but plan on buying several sets if you prefer to color a vast assortment of subjects.

Pros Cons

   Decent Vividness and Blending

   Various colors overall


   Have to obtain 5 sets to get all colors

   Some difference between colors

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