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Thornton’s Art Supply Colored Pencil

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Vibrancy    ★★★★☆
Variety of colors    ★★★★☆
Price     ★★★★☆
Softness of lead   ★★★☆☆
Durability   ★★★★☆

We’ve only recently discovered about Thornton’s Art Supply and it seems they’re attempting to make a splash at the very aggressive budget coloured pencil marketplace.

Their offering comes in the shape of a colored pencil that’s promoted as being a step above the other budget lines concerning softness and color output while nevertheless being user-friendly.

They are available in packs of 12 all the way up to their enormous 150 count box (even though the greatest size is not just conventional colored pens: it includes plain water soluble pencils, metallic colored pencils, charcoal pencils, and much more) and contains a conventional round cone and wax center.

Visible Attraction

In comparison to their contest like Crayola, Reeves, Prang, etc., these colored pencils do have similar vibrancy. You do need to push fairly difficult to get quite deep colors but it’s still possible to a certain degree.

You won’t delight in the color depths of a line but then again you’re spending just a portion of the cost for these it’s a fantastic compromise. Additionally, the bigger sets have a fairly wonderful number of color options.

Our main gripe is that the colors you see to the pen do not always fit what the true color output resembles so you’ll need to play with the colors and get a sense of them before diving right into a bit of work.

Usability and Stability

Being a softer center than several other funding offerings, you will likely observe that the tips appear to wear down and split off far more easily and rapidly than you want.

That is probably because of having to push quite difficult for good colors so if you’re milder it may not be as large of a problem. The color program is a lot creamier than we anticipated although some pens appear to possess “scratchy” places inside them which come and go as you put on the pencil.

Additionally, a wonderful bonus of having a marginally milder core is you may really do some small mixing with these that may be a bit of a rarity from funding pen manufacturers.

Packaging and Display

All but the biggest sets come in a standard cardboard box. That is pretty normal for a funding colored pencil set so that we can not actually complain about it.

The greatest set comes at a wonderful zippered black canvas situation which makes protecting and transporting the pens considerably easier but it, of course, comes at a small premium.

The pens themselves are well decorated, nevertheless, using a color-coordinated shell that’s stamped and comes with an aesthetically-pleasing bronze accent over the bottom.


These pens fall nicely to the most inexpensive pupil grade and should be in the budget of only about anyone. Despite their low cost they nevertheless appear to stick to fairly great quality and presentation that may at times be hard to see this budget.

Overall Ranking

Thornton’s Colored Pencils are more than okay for individuals looking to leap into colored pencils without costing too much and do not desire or need the excess functionality that you get together with all the very expensive brands.

The color output is greater than sufficient and can grow to be very deep with heavy strokes and application are creamy enough to be pleasurable. But they are not quite as resilient as we all expected to see.

The demonstration is on par if not exceeding many pens at the price range (and even some over) as well as the color options from the bigger sets are lots large for many people’s requirements.

While they’re no substitute for a few Prismacolors, they’ll be ideal to get a classroom or newcomer setting.

Pros Cons

   Nice Color Range

   Great Price

   Tips Can Break a Bit Too Easily


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