Derwent Pastel Pencils

Derwent Pastel Pencils

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Vibrancy    ★★★★☆
Variety of colors    ★★★★★
Price     ★★★★☆
Softness of lead ★★★☆☆
Durability ★★★★☆

Derwent offers a relatively common pastel pencil line which tries to find a happy medium between the versatility of pastels along with the ease and control of a pencil.

We like to consider those pastels as a “light hybrid” since they have some attributes (both negative and positive) which are typical of classic pastels while offering up a unique spin.

Visual Appeal of Derwent Pastel Pencils

The most pastel pens really stick out from conventional oil and wax pens is of their color vibrancy. That’s also the derwent pencil boxcase here since the Derwent pastel collection does a wonderful job of creating fantastic color in almost the whole color spectrum.

We especially enjoy the reds and yellows. The brighter colors actually generate a great deal of color with minimal contact pressure. Being a type of pastel hybrid, additionally, they mix quite well and take well to experimentation with water and various solvents. You can definitely generate a vast array of tones, textures, and textures with these pens under the ideal care.

The 4.0 to the 4.5millimeter center is a happy balance between size and being small enough to allow for sufficient control of comprehensive places.

One common problem with many pastel pens is that the cores are just too thick. This is very good for applying color over large regions but for much more detailed areas you will end up frustrated trying to acquire a little bit of color out.

We do recommend trying to proceed with the larger group size if your budget permits as we discovered that the tiny places to get noticeable gaps in color options (the mixing is good enough here to fill a few of the gaps but nevertheless).

Usability and Durability

Our main gripe with Derwent Pastel Pencils is precisely how delicate they are. The oil like heart is prone to

breaking and chipping with relatively tiny amounts of applied pressure.

Additionally, sharpening them may be a real challenge since they appear to break quite easily. Forming a sharp point may be a test of your patience and you might end up eating through an inch of this pencil prior to getting the hint you’re searching for.

Outside of the large negative, everything is strong with them. A smoother paper permits for the chalk like fashions of this pencil to be noticed and you’ll discover it to be quite easy and almost buttery. Should you use a coarser paper, then the petroleum trends will leap out and you’ll get a more demanding, more intricate program which allows for more character.

Another frequent problem with pastels is they may be somewhat “chalky”. This can cause quite a wreck when utilizing. While there were a few chalks like residues found, it was not quite as bad as a normal piece of chalk. The petroleum and whatever other substances that Derwent blends inside are to thank you for this.

Packaging and Presentation

Derwent paint set come from the normal Tin case that most of the other products arrive in. This is a good case that looks fine and protects the pens. Based on what size you go for, you might have several layers of pens stacked up in the instance.

As can be typical of Derwent, the bins which hold the pens are a fairly thin plastic substance that could make it tough to catch a pencil in the center without pushing all of the rest from the small cubby.

The Derwent Pastel pencils postage and also the particular color code have been stamped on the center of the pen in silver foliage. All around a strong and appealing appearance.


The asking price of those will drop in the intermediate budget. As is typical of additional pens, you’ll find a little bit of a “bulk discount” should you obtain a larger group.

That having been said, you can expect to cover at the lower to the upper end of the intermediate budget. Taking into consideration the color output and flexibility of those pastel pens, this can be a reasonable asking price.

Overall Positionartist pastel pencils

By attempting to choose the best characteristics of classic pastels (color intensity, program, mixing) and desirable traits of traditional pens (smaller barrel size, less chalky), Derwent intends to earn a pen which may fulfill the requirements of everybody. For the most part, they’ve succeeded in this.

These pens are excellent to work with on a number of newspapers and may also deal with water, solvents, and be mixing of different pens easily. Our main gripe is the way soft they could be, especially when seeking to sharpen them into a nice point.

If you’re planning on sharpening these using a mechanical sharpener, then be certain Derwent Pastel Pencils it is one which was created for delicate colored pens. Outside of the matter, these really are a powerful purchase in our publication.

Pros Cons

   Vibrant Colors

   Optimized Core Size                        

   Can be Complex to Sharpen

   Smaller Sets Requiring some Colors



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