Castle Art Supplies Colored Pencil Review

Castle Art Supplies Colored Pencil

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Vibrancy    ★★★★☆
Variety of colors    ★★★★☆
Price     ★★★☆☆
Softness of lead ★★★☆☆
Durability ★★★★☆

We discovered about Castle Art Supplies Colored Pencil, after doing some digging, recognized they’re a rising player in the color pencil world, especially on online marketplaces. They sell different products such as acrylic pens, drawing pens, and naturally colored pens.

We must try out the  Castle Art Colored Pencil 72 pack collection which has become one of the very popular colored pencil collections online in a previous couple of months.

Visual Attraction

We especially enjoy the selection of brows and tans that are great for coloring creatures, furs, trees, etc.. The wax center applies very good color with every pass and you’ll realize that layering is also quite powerful. We did discover that wax blossom was somewhat higher than a number of the additional wax based brands we’ve reviewed.

We’ve got some minor complaints, yet. To begin with, the light and bright colors fight some to create the degree of color intensity the darker pens have. This is very evident in the yellows and oranges that appear to require many passes to put down deep color tones.

Additionally, the outer shell color of the pens is somewhat off in comparison to the true color they set out. Several readers have said making a color template on a scratch paper before utilizing these so you’ll get a clearer idea of the real color and we certainly agree with this.

Usability and Stability

Castle Art has come out and stated that their cores are both powerful and dependable and aid reduces breakage. We do see the fruits of the efforts and have discovered these cores are above average concerning toughness and dependability.

best colored pencils for coloring booksGoing along with this, the cores are also acceptably soft. As you won’t encounter the creaminess of a few of the exotic oil based lines, we nevertheless feel that everything you like here is okay. Sharpening is about typical and many art-oriented colored pencil sharpeners ought to be able to deal with those with appropriate care.

The round center is left up to personal preference and we’ve found individuals who love hexagonal cores and many others who prefer around so that option will truly be your decision.

The color on the pen isn’t nearly near the color of the genuine lead, a few are, but many are either lighter or darker. I advise you to do create a swatch sheet. Because these have zero number or color signaled on these I did amount myself following sorting and then marked them with a permanent mark.

The leads are extremely creamy and soft as others indicated they do put down color quite well and therefore are vibrant. The only colors that are not are some of these yellows. There is also an extremely wonderful collection of colors in each spectrum.

This collection is a quite similar place also found on Amazon online marketplace. It will have the specific same colors  collection does not so they compliment each other very well.

Castle Art Supplies Colored Pencil Display

Castle Art professional colored pencilsThe pencils are stored in a nice metal tin and have 3 layers total of pencils. There have been a number of complaints regarding the tins coming with scratches and dents. We did not detect anything like this in our bundle but enough individuals have said it to ensure it is notable.

While managing to ship once it leaves the mill might be beyond the duty of the maker, it’s very important to place the pens in a situation that could manage regular bumps and drops. But at this price point, we cannot be overly picky.

In terms of the pens, they are wrapped in a color-coded foundation with a black mid and upper casing. But they’re not stamped with the normal color information of that specific pencil. This might be a big deal for some individuals and not a huge deal for many others.

What’s stamped is your brand name and pen string within an attractive silver foliage. Overall, it’s an appealing pencil and retains around the best in relation to aesthetics.


Easily the largest selling point is their excellent asking cost. They are incredibly affordable considering the quantity and caliber of pen you receive and that makes it inside only about everybody’s budget.

Challenging the big brands with our ‘Double the colors – Half the price’ presentation set!

Overall Ranking

The Castle Art Supplies Colored Pencil Collection is just another rising star in the online art world and also their 72 pack collection is surely making a name for itself. The color program is great along with also the “Soft Series” name stands out because this collection is very soft and achievable to get a funding wax-based line.

There’s a wonderful color variety and the pens are decorative pleasing too. But at this competitive price point, it makes it simple to overlook minor problems in this way.


  • 72 vivid, pigment-rich colored pencils – the color possibilities are endless…
  • Beautiful ‘soft series’ for greater blending, shading, and layering – helping to take your artwork to a new creative level
  • Compact tin presentation box with triple layer feature making our set the perfect addition… just ready to slip into a satchel or backpack (also ideal for traveling and holidays)
  • Strong and reliable lead core to limit breakages.
  • Exclusive ‘Color Happiness Guarantee’ which means that you can purchase this set with complete confidence.

We’ve enjoyed growing a loyal customer base over the last three years and look forward to welcoming you to our Brand.

Overall, this is a really excellent pen for an extremely attractive price. Castle Art Supplies Colored Pencil is general coloring and budding pencil artists.

Pros Cons

   Excellent Price

   Superior Color Range

   Sets Down Mostly Good Color       

   Bright Colors Can Strive

   Painted Shell Does Not Match Core

   Controversial Packaging

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