Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencil Review

Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencil

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Vibrancy    ★★★☆☆
Variety of colors    ★★★☆☆
Price     ★★★☆☆
Softness of lead ★★☆☆☆
Durability ★★★☆☆

Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencil is a new brand to us and among our subscribers really informed us concerning them. They’re a Holland-based firm that’s owned by Royal Talens plus they have a couple distinct colored pencil sets such as the Bruynzeel Design Graphite, Bruynzeel Design Aquarel, Bruynzeel Design Pastel, and also the Bruynzeel Design Color.

This really is a wax-based colored pen that takes great pride in its own intense color program and buttery soft direct. Before we get into the juicy details of this Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencil inspection, it’s necessary to be aware there are a number of rumors floating about which the Bruynzeel pencil is basically rebranded Marco Renoir colored pencils.

We certainly do notice some similarities between both: they’re equally wax-based, they possess exactly the exact same diameter center (3.7mm) they have exactly the exact same form of the barrel, and they’re extremely heavy on the reds.

The apparent differences come at the purchase price and that we believe that the guide used in the Marco Renoir is somewhat harder than at the Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencils.

Visual Attraction

The color output of those pencils is quite impressive and you’re able to create enormous amounts of color with relatively small program pressure. The lightfastness facet is also rather good here and these pens should resist fading for several decades. This is very critical since the set sizes could be a little lacking, with the biggest being only 48 pens.

There were just too many oranges and reds and many were essentially the exact same color. In a more compact group like this one, using color overlap is far more important since there are fewer added pens to “make up” to this. The consequence is that we believe there’s a small lack of blues and greens to move around.

Usability and Stability

The guide is a bit on the delicate side but it will not become overly creamy to this point at which it impacts how easy it’s to perform strokes. As we mentioned previously can create a great deal of color with hardly any pressure that’s good not because it decreases the strain on your hands and wrists but also will help prolong the lifespan of this pencil and also minimize how many times you need to replenish it.

And talking of sharpening, it’s a really easy procedure and we had no difficulties with obtaining a sharp point. And equally important, the sharp line did not instantly crack and split upon first use.

The center, coming in at 3.7mm, can be really a wonderful diameter that’s neither too big nor too little.

Packaging and Display

Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencil arrive in a beautiful box.  With the box it pull-out drawers which are eerily like what you’d see using a jewelry box. Each pencil comes easily located in its shaped slot about the foam. Does this seem very pleasant, but in addition, it will help to safeguard the pens and even aids in easier color identification.

All this combines to make a very attractive pencil and the event that leads the bunch in protection and styling so much as we’re concerned. Also worth noting is the set includes a color chart that we always like to view.

Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencil Value

The Bruynzeel Design Colour Colored Pencils are definitely not affordable. They are also very lightweight because the leads are encased in cedar wood. Despite the pencils being thin, I’ve never had problems sharpening them, or the lead breaking inside the pencil. Which means you waste less pencil in the sharpener and have more to use for art.

Overall Ranking

Bruynzeel Design Colour Colored Pencils are a really intriguing set which appears to prioritize great color output. These color pencils are exceptional lightfastness and appealing styling on very top. They hope these fantastic attributes will warrant the rather large asking price and limited color choice.

We do believe there are a few noticeable differences between the two collections which make them stand out separately.

Pros Cons

   Very Rich Color Utilization

   Easy to Sharpen

   Excellent Packaging

   Somewhat Valuable

   A lot of Addition to Reds

   Limited Set Sizes

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